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Welcome to the stained glass studio Yumeglass Hakusan homepage.
The constitution of the homepage of this place is as follows.
 Stained glass panel production to classify into the window of the house and an opening of the partitioning
 The introductions such as the petty people who used how slump, the stained glass which copied a table lamp, the portrait panels such as pets, home 100%.。
 Gallery which exhibited a lot of stained glass works
 The latest stained glass technology circumstances is useful; information
 A communication lecture for people not to be able to learn whether a stained glass classroom is similar soon in terms of time.
   Kit sale
 An introduction page of stained glass design software glass eye 2000
 Information to be good for the people who have stained glass production as a hobby.
 The profile of this studio and the profile of the author, traveler's diary show another one side with the stained glass.
パルサイト ランプ販売・小物など プロフィールページ ランプ販売・小物など ギャラリー・技術指導
Tips pattern
 I donated Iga-Ueno castle made with stained glass by a castle of Iga-Ueno on August 23, 2009.
In the thing which it does 1, and I produced of the work of the Takatora Todou duke connection, it is a masterpiece for three months for a production period to exhibit it for the middle / the godet corner exhibition that is the one of "the Takatora Todou duke case prefecture 400 memory businesses" that are a big event of Tsu-shi where this was performed from April, 2008 to March, 2009.
Thanks to you, on the occasion of donation, I had Iga-Ueno Castle please very much.
I had the Mayor of Iga attend the presentation ceremony towards most at the start, and the Iga castle stained glass was put in a glasscase of Iga castle size castle tower 1F and received it in honor exhibited permanently. I thank various places and Iga citizen's people concerned with.
   News Paper >>>>>>>>
 No Days Gleaze is the totally new pate which science produced.
The cleaning after the panel completion is useless without polluting a hand.
Possess a window on the day when it was finished, and it is the pate of an idea totally different so far called the possibility. I cannot help using it, besides, if strength 22 doubles.
I use No Days Gleaze for a panel for windows made in dream glass Hakusan entirely.
This homepage gives it stained glass for all beloved people.
I aim at the homepages that can help it such as a person thinking about the purchase, one to want to know stained glass more, the stained glass to want to learn stained glass from now on, the which I want to make better.
If there is the demand that such a thing wants to know, answer it in a range to understand; of the upgrading of the homepage will refer to it. Please send your opinion here.
I make use of a merit to be said to make this homepage with oneself and aim at the homepage evolving every day.
In addition, please use it because it is made a site map to have you move to the objective page quickly.
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